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In the hands of a master, the bishop pair is one of the most resoundingly powerful elements in all of chess.  This stratagem is an analogy for the dormant power within us all which requires often elegant refinement to truly extract the full potential of the "bishops" to its highest degree.  Similarly as in chess, the bishops need to be handled with care and the position modified accordingly in order to enjoy the nectar of their true power.  In life, we must do the same.  We must strive to create the conditions necessary to extract, garner, utilize and convert our potential energy in to kinetic energy in order to accomplish whatever goal we set in our hearts and minds.  An enlightened person with a deeply seeded dream in focus combined with steadfast dedication, much like the bishop pair, is one of the most dangerous forces encountered in the combat arena.  These individuals can draw earth, wind and fire from seemingly devoid resources like an alchemist forging gold from steel.


Once unleashed, there is almost nothing stopping the bishop pair...this is akin to the curious humanoid infrastructure trying to find its place in the world.  Reach as high as possible...Reach for the stars...dream as deeply as you can and believe in yourself wholeheartedly for the keys to the shackles that bind you are located surreptitiously in thine own pocket.  You alone have the power to set yourself free.


- Eddie Saldana





En manos de un maestro, la pareja de alfiles es uno de los elementos más poderosos de todo el ajedrez.  Esta estratagema es una analogía del poder latente dentro de todos nosotros que requiere un refinamiento a menudo elegante para extraer verdaderamente todo el potencial de los "obispos" en su más alto grado.  Del mismo modo que en el ajedrez, los obispos necesitan ser manejados con cuidado y la posición modificada en consecuencia para poder disfrutar del néctar de su verdadero poder.  En la vida, debemos hacer lo mismo.  Debemos esforzarnos por crear las condiciones necesarias para extraer, reunir, utilizar y convertir nuestra energía potencial en energía cinética a fin de lograr cualquier meta que nos propongamos en nuestros corazones y mentes.  Una persona iluminada con un sueño profundamente sembrado en foco combinado con una dedicación constante, como la pareja del obispo, es una de las fuerzas más peligrosas que se encuentran en el campo de batalla.  Estos individuos pueden extraer tierra, viento y fuego de recursos aparentemente desprovistos como un alquimista forjando oro del acero.


Una vez desatada, casi nada detiene a la pareja de obispos....esto es similar a la curiosa infraestructura humanoide que trata de encontrar su lugar en el mundo.  Llega tan alto como sea posible, sueña tan profundamente como puedas y cree en ti mismo por las llaves de los grilletes que te atan y que están en tu propio bolsillo.  Sólo tú tienes el poder de liberarte.







This is a very active group.  If you wish to not be notified via the news, please adjust your notification settings accordingly.  The articles I post will come under the news notifications.

I study pretty much on a daily basis and as such, I will study/post a lot of analysis, chess content, puzzles, strategical themes, etc utilizing my library of over 2000 books strong.  Currently, I am on a journey to chess mastery and would like to attain the level of titled player in addition to winning some significant tournaments.  I have read that is very rare for someone who started taking chess seriously as an adult rather than adolescence, to actually make it to a "high level" master title, but nonetheless this is my goal.  NM, CM, FM, IM or GM.

Let's grow together.  Welcome!  If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via mail or you can email me here:



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