The Ocean Guardians

We are an established club that is very active. We always have matches in registration to join. We like activity, we believe our members do too.

We are a very friendly group that plays mostly 3 day traditional matches. We have the odd 960 match and always have a vote chess match on the go.

As I said, we are a friendly close knit group which runs a very tight ship.

If you want to be part of a group that pays attention to detail and in which admin do their best to keep all members happy you just need to fit the following criteria:

1. Be on site for a minimum of 4 months.

2. Have a maximum timeout ratio of 5 %.

3. Be in a maximum of 50 clubs.

4. Play fairly......closed accounts achieve nothing.

5. Join the odd match here and there. Inactive members who never join in get removed.

6.  Enjoy the club!!

We understand that things in life are more important, however, repeated timeouts may result in expulsion. This will be down to the discretion of the admins. Sometimes things can happen unexpectedly, we do understand that.

We put this criteria in place to reduce the likelihood of timeouts or members quitting the site as can often happen with new accounts.

Many thanks, please come and join us if you are a committed member.

Melissa, Kenton and Daniel (admins)happy.png




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