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I'm E-chess or as they know me on chess.com, I am  @AKAChessApple . I do not yet have a FIDE rating, because I still want to practice more until I take my chess to over the board FIDE tournaments. I'm the captain of the team Knight Moves in the Team Blitz League. I love to play chess on chess.com because the website is well organized. I hope to be a GM one day and then the World Champion (probably not). Hopefully one day my dream will come true. happy.png A lot of things in my life are connected with chess; as well as my youtube channel that is called E-chess and I frequently go to the nearby chess club.

I have always admired the leading gm's like Veselin Topalov, Fabiano Caruana, Magnus Carleson and I can go on with telling you names of popular gm's until the next Ice Age.diamond.png My favorite band is DIO who's a singer was called Ronnie James Dio who unfortunately past away in 2010.cry.png #HolyDiver #RIP

Let's get back to the bright side. My hobbies are playing chess, logo designing, jogging and feeding my dog who by the way is called Dino. This is everything I can tell you for now.
I write blogs on chess.com pretty often and I enjoy doing this.

Good luck to everyone accomplishing their dreams!

E-chess, AKA Chess Apple


KNSB-Junior rating: 602


Twitter https://twitter.com/chess_aka

Website https://echessofficial.home.blog/

Official chess.com clubhttps://www.chess.com/club/chess-apples

Official discord https://discord.gg/mYTsEEd

Finally got on the puzzle rush leaderboard!

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