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Hello my name is akeel and my dream is to become a grandmaster in chess. i started playing chess in 2018 and i joined my schools chess class and i m still learning from that class. it says that i joined chess.com on june 30 2018 but i joined 3 months before that but i deleted my account because i coudnt login and i also kept losing in all my games because i was just a beginner. and i joined my first tournament this year and i lost 3 matches out of 9 matches and i ended up in fourth rank because i won tha last match that i played. by the way please send friend request to @looth4054 and also dont forget to follow him because his target is to reach 100 followers and friends and he is also a good friend of mine. Thank you for reading this. i will be editing this next year or maybe not. all i know is that im not going to be editing this soon.