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31 मई 2016
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     Yes, I am Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I was born January 27th, 1756 (I’m an old man) in Salzburg, Austria. I began playing music publically when I was 6, and was an expert, of course. Later on, when I was 25 (in 1781) I moved to Vienna where I became a profesional musician (ofc). On December 5th, 1791, my body was found dead, from disease, as was assumed. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Greatest composer to ever live, was gone.


     BUT I, WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRET TO ETERNAL LIFE! My premature “death” was... unfortunate, but it has given me SO MUCH MORE POWER than any other life could offer! My POWER has influenced the world in way YOU could never DREAM of! SO TAKE THAT YOU LOWLY HUMANS!!!!!!

     Ok please don’t think I’m some random psycho, I’m being honest. I may have been a little harsh calling you lowly humans, but... let’s be real, I died at 35 and you humans left me to die. I could have done SO MUCH MORE in the world if only you knew what you were doing. But what’s done is done, I suppose :/. Just-don’t let the next person as skilled as I am die like I did.

     Anyway, cya tongue.png

     Oh wait before you go here’s some of my expert music

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