i am a Reiki practitioner,& love to see people getting healed by the energy exchange through Reiki ! I love everything in nature,i.e.plants,birds,animals ,the Earth ! For me chess is a way of pure pleasure that comes out of our development that occurs while playing this game. I think, all the pieces in chess represent the different thought patterns hidden in our own personalities.The way the rook or a bishop or a knight move,represent the different ways that we react to our real life situations.Also,it shows me the similarity between the game that we play with the pieces & the game that the Nature plays using us to fulfill a larger purpose! I must admit that i am not a good player of chess.But,i hope to learn a lot from my friends on this web site & try honestly to improve my skills. Being a Bharatiya(Indian),i admire Vishwanathan Anand as my favorite player!
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