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22 मार्च 2014
आखिरी बार ऑनलाइन
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जबसे 28 नव॰ 2017

I love to play chess ..... and baseball! I direct game in 30 tournaments on Monday nights at the Chess Castle of Minnesota. I also play on Thursday nights at the Chess Castle of Minnesota.


RIP zachadams922 - A mighty chess warrior and member of my Twin Cities Chess League team and also in baseball as a teammate for the TCMABL Blizzard as our catcher. You will most certainly be missed .....

I am always up for a good battle with a worthy opponent. Be respectful and you can expect the same in return! Win, lose, or draw I am more than happy to discuss the game …..

Team Juanita 1,325 सदस्य
The Arizonians 3,000 सदस्य
300 Spartans 697 सदस्य
Champion 962 सदस्य