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Hey there, 👋 want to know a little more about me and why I play chess. Well, My husband is the one who taught me how to play OTB and

I have steadily been playing Chess for close to five years now. Surprisingly, after all this time I still love it!😃 guess cus it gives me a challenge.  It was the fall of 2017 when I was inspired to actualy learn how to play the game after seeing our set

(Chess Board & Pieces) on TV.   Yeah, our set was featured on an episode of the original Hawaii 5 0. Series .  I was shocked, Needless to say, and it was enough to peak my interest to want to learn how to use it.    The set is unique cus the pieces look like carved people and are kinda big as far as pieces go.   The  checkered board sits on a hand carved wooden box and has a marble appearance, there is also some Chinese or Japanese writing on some of the squares the others have symbolic pictures, it kinda feels like your stepping back in time when you look at it. And yes the perfect set to be shown on TV if I do say so myself, though I was amazed to actually see it.   I have no clue who made them or where they are from. .    One day I'll find out.   Anyway...

  It wasn’t long after I saw that show I wanted to actually learn to play and make use of the set.  I hate to admit it took something unusually out of the ordinary to peak my interest enough to want to learn how to play the game, but I sure am glad it happened..    I must credit the actor on the show that day who played the evil villain for the way he kept talking to his Queen piece, while calculating his move, like she was the key to solving all his problems, and she would ultimately lead him to the answer he needed, it was indeed captivating.

So there you have It, at that point I had to know what was really going on with that game of Chess.....wasn't long after that I had my husband show me how to play and boom the love of chess began.

  I registered with chess. Com right before my husband had a terrible stroke in 2017 and the chess site has helped me emensly get through some hard times.   I can also proudly say I am now a USCF member, have made it to the champion's league, and serendipudously play in the world league events for team USA. The main thing I love about

Chess is it's always teaching me, preparing me and elevating me and demands you always think right, and when your not you know it!  Since I've joined our Federation I have many opportunities to participate and compete in a game I love against the best players in the 🌎.  Update!  Little Chess Chaney is now a member of the Legend's League here on Chess. Com.