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IM chessmaxusa

Dejan Maksimovic

US-Chicago and Serbia, सर्बिया
शामिल हो गए हैं।
12 फ़र॰ 2009
अंतिम लॉग इन
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15 फ़र॰ 2009 के बाद से सहायक सदस्य

1: I am IM Dejan "Max" Maksimovic and I live in Chicago area. 2: I  come from the strongest chess country in the world-SERBIA!!!!!!!! 3: I teach in schools and have a lot'of private students who are the TOP PLAYERS IN THE U.S 4: I am available for private, group and school lessons, skype , chess com, ICC , lichess , all online lessons  and over the phone 5: We will cover every aspect of the game, & develop your skills in Opening, middlegame, and endgame with precision. 6: I  have had thousands of successful students worldwide, including many whom have become titled players. I have over 26yrs experience as s chess coach. 7 : If you want to achieve the highest level in CHESS-contact me!!!! 8. Please visit and read my Website:http://www.maxchampions.com.9. My Twicth Tv channel is chesstothemax

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