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11 अक्तू॰ 2014
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 Kahit saan man magpunta, palagi siyang kasama. Siya ang Diyos, si Bathala. <3 Nawa'y ilayo mo ako sa kapahamakan Diyos ko.

Play chess not because it's fun, but because you love it. Do you love it? Or you just want trouble here?

Are you real? Yes? Good, hi. No? Oh, news. BACK OFF. WHO WOULD WANT YOU?

A blog for the trolls. Please read! Especially new members happy.png

Ding ding ding wt* So many trolls spotted hahaha news.

Once again, if you are fake/troll, BACK OFF OK? Not interested to waste my time with some useless dirt like you. Bye. grin.png Yes, I'm rude and sweet and bad and good and wild and calm and indifferent and sensitive, but I am just being real. Being real is complicated you see, unlike your fantasies.


 I LOVE YOU LINKIN PARK! Chester Bennington, you are remembered <3















Embarassed A film that will make you smart (LOL), if you watch not for entertainment. This song might help tongue.png