प्लैटिनम सदस्य

My father taught me chess when I was 9 years-old and bought me the book, Chess for Beginners A Picture Guide by Al Horowitz. After reading it cover-to-cover, I played my father again and beat him. It was the first chess game I ever won. He never wanted to play chess with me again and never did.

Since then, I have played chess on and off, including some grade school district tournaments. I thought I was pretty good until I joined the United States Chess Federation for a year. That is where I discovered that playing in those school and district tournaments made me a "big fish in a small pond". As you can see, my chess ratings are rather modest.

My avatar is a chess medal awarded to me by the San Mateo-Burlingame Chess Club and the San Mateo City School District for having the best score on board 3 in their over-the-board district chess tournament.

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In observance of Lent, I will not be playing chess until after Easter.