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2 जन॰ 2016
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"cobb452, this is a friendly reminder that we actively monitor games for cheating. You are receiving this automated message because your recent play has been flagged as potentially suspicious by our cheat-detection system.

Don't worry - we aren't accusing you - just reminding you that we actively monitor all games. We include many different factors in our assessment and close accounts only when we are 100% confident of cheating.

If you have questions about what is considered cheating, please read this.

You do not need to reply to this message. Just keep on enjoying good, clean, fun chess!


Dear team,

I would like to know how this "flagging" works and what is being flagged. If you look at my recent games I don't know how you can possibly think I might be cheating. Just look at my daily game against Xhantian where I left a Knight hanging for two moves. Xhantian is rated 550 to 600 points less than me. Were I cheating, I don't think a Knight would've been left en prise.

Maybe it's because I quit drinking bourbon while playing and my play has subsequently improved.

Then I wonder what happens when you finally do decide I'm cheating. Am I allowed any defence or do I just try to sign on one day and find my account is closed? I have never cheated or used illegal assistance in any game and don't appreciate having this sword hanging over my head afraid to make a good move because your anonymous algorithm may decide that move is to good for a human with my rating to play.

My subscription expires in January. As much as I will miss the friends I've made on over the years, I am going to give serious thought to the prospect of paying for another year knowing that at any moment I could lose my membership and my subscription price.

Jeffrey R Cobb

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