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8 मार्च 2010
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जबसे 22 मई 2011

Used to play a lot but not for 15 years or so because of multiple sclerosis. But I have learnt how to think and concentrate after having my head rewired!. I am enjoying pitting my wits again. Dug out my chess books from the attic and drilling tactics puzzles. Thank you for allowing me to rediscover the joys of chess. Some days I can think, other days I can't. Try not to catch me on a good day!!

Learnt to play at the age of four, my father taught me. Now in his seventies he continues to coach juniors and set up many chess clubs over the years.

I was something of a child prodigy but when I discovered wine, women and song my natural talent ebbed away and when I returned to chess at university I had to work hard to recover what had previously come naturally.

The above rating is very old. However I have now joined the local club and looking forward to coaching the juniors. Give something back to chess for all the things it has given me.

Doing well at online but blitz is patchy. My MS brain goes into meltdown sometimes and before I realize it I've hit a losing streak. Shouldn't really do blitz it tires me out but I enjoy it. Somedays a well oiled machine other days a mass crash of blunders and slow thinking!

In online I can always rely on being alert for at least a little while during the few days per move. When I'm not I do blunder alert ritual where I look at the unexpected in a slow but thorough checklist of sacs and the unusual.

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