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23 अप्रैल 2014
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Hi everyone!

My FIDE rating is 2103 and my USCF rating is 2107.

I'm Rajarishi Karthi and I'm a Candidate Master (CM). Everyone calls me Rishi or Cool. I am strong in calendars happy.png You can feel free to ask any dates/months/years and I will tell you the day happy.png

I post interesting puzzles every time in my facebook page. Here is the link I hopefully to copy all these puzzles in blog.

I am a fan of chess players happy.png including GMs, IMs, etc happy.png I will include A.L. Muthiah, Harikrishnan A.Ra, Manu David, Praggnanandhaa R, etc happy.png will add more if I get it. I am a fan of other sports too happy.png including badminton, cricket, football, tennis, basketball, etc happy.png will add more sports if I watch. I do play all sports for fun and for my daily exercise to become fit and strong. In chess, I am currently working on my chess activities.

This photo is me. This photo was taken in 17th Dubai Open tournament in 2015.

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