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I am Petra Papp (2341) WGM from Hungary.

I won the Hungarian Woman Rapid Championship three times (2018, 2020, 2021).

I have played three times in the Chess Olympiads.

I love teaching chess and it is very important for me that both of us enjoy the lessons beside the hard work.

You can see some feedbacks from my coaching services:

Feedback from my coaching services - sakk fórumok -

I am a flexible coach, I am trying to feel what the students like to do in chess, also the work depends on his/her style. I think calculation is very important, so we have to solve a lot of tactics together, also I like to give homeworks.

It's important to analyze the students' games, so we see where we still have to improve.

Depending on the student character, I am trying to teach the most suitable openings for them, it can be sidelines or mainlines too. But it's very important for me, that the student has to like the systems, so I am pretty flexible with that.

Lessons are fun and interesting, and will lead to better results. My training is most suitable for players eager to improve.

I prefer to work with students for a longer period ,and I believe that the only way a coach can truly help students is in a long period.

Lessons in English using Skype.

1h is 40€ / 45$.

Here you can see one of my nicest combination:

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