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(This bio is updated every couple of days or sometimes everyday lol which means every 1 day or 2 days there will be something added to it: )  

Link: https://www.chess.com/club/shining-smiles-tu : )     (I wrote explanation about the club, check the paragraph that has same colour as this writing: )

Firstly I love every human in this beautiful, amazing world, words will never describe how happy I am to be part of this wonderful world and to be surrounded by amazing humans that are amazingly awesome : ) 

Hello, whoever is reading this. My name is something and my age starts with a number. I love Enjoying My Games In Peace! ¨Life is just like a game of chess you cant undo moves but you can make the next move better¨ (a quote by someone I think : ) 

Things about me are that I like: I sometimes watch anime and I veryyyyy much love reading books and poems. Knitting as well (piano sometimes, writing stories, singingLOL, playing soccer: ) 

Chess can make so many people smile especially meeeeeiii. To whoever is reading this, (how many times have I said that haha) I hope you enjoy your games. (have some fun time even though losing sometimes is not fun but that's what makes the game fun : ) 

Also, I love listening to people's problems I sometimes can find a solution and sometimes make a way easier but I am not the best. I have read so many books about psychology just to understand how the human brain thinks and works: ) 

Shining Smiles is a club that I opened for fun and all I wanted to do is make people in it smile and be happy: ) I love listening to people's problems so by opening that club I got the chance to hear many people's problems and help them a bit: ) I am so happy and gratful for everyone that joined and made the club grow with smiles, u cant belive how much all members there make me laugh and smile: ) No matter how hard and tough our days gets we still put a Shining Smile on our faces to make others smile too: ) Always remember U R SOMEONE'S REASON TO SMILE : ) 

I have a really speacial connection with the sun: ) I love the sun, it makes me happy to see it shining day after day: ) doesnt it make u smile how beautiful and shiny it is?: ) We all should be chasing tomorrow's sunshine: ) Every morning, every day, every time, u see the sun, u should smile because the sun always smiles back at you : )

Bullying? think ur so cool? 
~~The girl you've just called "fat"? she's on a strict diet. The girl you just called "UGLY"? she spends hours putting on makeup, Hoping people will like her ~ The boy you've just ¨TRIPPED¨? He's abused enough at home! Oh, see that man with scars? he's fought for his ¨country¨! The guy you've made fun of for crying? His mother is "DYING"~~
This is a wonderful message and I'm sure 95% of you guys won't put this, the 5% have a heart💕 Try to always give positive vibes and spread love between people : ) 

Random pics and facts about me lol: ) 

 hmm R u bored?: ) 

I can't live without cherries! I eat it every second. That's why my friends call me cherry lol : ) 

AH reading is soooo much fun: ) 

I love watching the stars alone. Sometimes with people: ) 

I listen to music while reading books or studying: ) 

I love knitting things for people: ) 

Always remember this: )

: )

My favourite emoji is this : 🤪 LOLLL: )

New section with my friends: ) 

The question is: what does the word dream mean to u?: ) (u can send me a private answer: )

@The_Whole_Galaxy: Dream means sleep. But I don’t have dreams when I sleep. So dreams mean nothing to me.

@Rauf_us_Sabid: Dreams mean either 3 things - @DIMA-48, a nightmare (which is actually a synonym of dream) or a phase where your brain imagines something while you're asleep. 

@Passwaor: -A Minecraft player. (Still, Technoblade never dies) - Dream means something you want to do, and something that you want to keep practising and doing to fulfil that dream.

@HellLotus: With respect to sleep: A dream is a state of mind in which it processes the whole day's incidents and your thoughts and while it processes it, you see it in a form of a single story.

@Stricr: Dream is the imagination you get while sleeping and dream means a goal you want to achieve. 

@Asteria_Delacour: Dreams are a bunch of nonsense things you see when you sleep

@Amiel_the_Chess-Cuber: Dreams.... may sometimes do come true....Dreams are nightmares for me sometimes. 

@78i89: dream means to me: my hopes , my love , my ambitions , poeple who l love @Webbygail: something too unreal that you must be sleeping for it to be for real

@SOME_DOG: its means a make believe lie that you want for to happen

@BillBelichick01: Dream is imagining things in your sleep ok no one make fun of me for this terrible description 

@Ace_Jasphine: Dreams are either stuff I want to happen in my life or don't want to happen in my life (a.k.a nightmares)

@ConstantPorcupine264: Dreams are dream divided by dream + dream - 1 divided by 0: )(Anything divided by 0 is indefinite/infinite so, your dreams are like that too: )

@spideyyy1208: Dreams are sweet nights with someone or something you love :-)

@ChillyChess2010: Dreams are REM sleep. They are thoughts. They are usually the thoughts we don't share with others.

@dhughidgiyfgig:  A dream is a thing that you want to achieve.

@IGhasemi: Dreams are like stars, u watch them, u like them, they are ur hope and motivation, they are beautiful and u enjoy watching them, alone and with the others, but sometimes they arent reachable, no matter how much there is trying

@barrygage: A dream is the biggest thing in life that you wish for. It may or may not come true. More than likely it will not come true but there is always that slim chance. That's why everyone should pursue their dreams

@Myusernamesucksa: a dream is something we will forget but will be the ebest thing we can ever imagine

@BeCoolAndNotAFoolYo:  Dream is like a guider. It will motivate to do you anything for example you have a dream that you will invent a really useful thing, u sleep, u have a dream about it, it will really motivate you. 

@andyvonameln: A dream is more than that what happens during REM-sleep. A dream is a mission. My dream is that some day everybody in the world treats everybody else as friendly as the other would be himself. In my dream there are no enemies, no wars and humankind stops to be an infectious disease which makes our Earth ill.

@Pink_attacker: Is a thing what we don't get in real life sometime's we get but most of the times we don't get so enjoy your dream's and also there are 3 types of dream's 1.Daydream, 2.False Awakening Dreams, 3.Lucid Dreams 


Random sayings: ) (private message me a pic with saying on it: )












(u can send me the answer privately) Continue the sentence (part 1): Life is........because..... : )

@Angelgreen2027: Life is amazing, because God made us and we are here for a reason

@BlingGamer Life is like a rollercoaster. Because you can have the lowest lows, and the highest highs, and the twistiest curves, but it always comes to an end, no matter the troubles endured.

@Raphtalia_san: Life is pointless because it sucks and nothimg ever goes right.

@riddlepro: Life is like a gift. Because without anything, you can't experience everything, and all the great accomplishments you've achieved, all the mistakes you made, it'll always end up in a happy ending.

@Brooksvillechess: Life is complicated because of opening theory. 

@Ninja_Tribunal: Life is full of smiles because most people smile. : )

@Angelgreen2027 (2): Life is so much more than object, because life is happiness, family, and having people you love around you. Plus, you have people who who want to bring you down, but just smile, and walk away.

@Myusernamesucksa: Life is **** because you will never get what you want. 

@HydrahtaLife is amazing because uranium chips. 

@Portuguese-egg-tart: Life is a like a chess puzzle, because we have plans of what we want to do, but even if those plans don't work out, new opportunity will come up.

@Give_It_A_Rest: Life is horrible, and I hate it cuz why not.

@ThutaKyawZin: life is  wonderful because cherry is making it wonderful (thankk uu: )

@tanvistiger: Life is a never ending path because you don't know what will happen in the future, but you need to keep going and never go back. : )

@Tahlia14: Life is special because you only get it once: )

@Asteria_Delacour: Life is a rollercoaster since it has the best and worst ups and downs that mainly make you want to die or scream and is extremely unpredictable 

@GamerzBoyz: Life is a journey because it's about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are, and loving who and what you are.

@Amiel_the_Chess-Cuber: Life is like chess. Because every move we make can either be right or wrong, we always use chess to use tactics in the game and in daily life. Every move we make is important since before and after

@UnicornDude2010: life is amazing because i have amazing friends and i love studying , art and other amazing things

@HellLotus: Life is an adventurous trip with variable destination.... because.... umm... because it is... 😅 

@CrazyChessDJ: Life is like chess because we need to analyse each situation and find the best move. Just like chess, we play some really good moves, some really bad moves and some moves which aren’t that bad + we learn tactics that will help us, even if we don’t realise it at the time. The only difference is there isn’t really a draw, we either win (which happens more frequently) or we lose.

@bobross123456788: Life is interesting because of the twists and turns that can affect us in different ways.   

@IGhasemi: Life is a riddle, a hard one, cause some solve it at any cost, and some do all they can, give all they have, but the riddle stays unsolved.

@Mikenzie: Life is ...    SWEET... because ...  you always have the chance to meet new friends 

@andyvonameln: Life is the beautiful something which you are allowed to go through while you try to make the world a bit better


What makes you annoyed? : )(u can PM (private message)me the answer: )

@andrewdowden: When people use too many emojis, I don’t find emojis appealing really.

@JobIfBreaker: Emos, Oh, and also people who say streaming services are better than DVDs  

@Matthew2022020200020: alerts in chess.com got like more than 50 alerts and people who leave without resigning 

@AkduKutta: ummm 

@IRENE-49: When someone beats you in chess and his rating is lower than yours

@Arphee: People who pick fights or instigate, but then play the victim afterwards are probably my biggest pet peeve.

@clarissoon: when I get rickrolled

@Ace_Jasphine: Lies and this one dude called Harley

@Asteria_Delacour: Loud people and sounds

@barrygage: When people leave the chat abruptly or without warning. Not answering messages in a timely manner. Not responding to a chat after a game. Arguing in chess notes 

@Myusernamesucksa1.uwu ppl, 2. People who blame the problem on me when they started it and tell the guy who actually started hes good and the guy who started it believes what he says and i end up leaving the clu, 3.ppl who dont want to listen to me

@Sriharirkrishnan: When I lose to someone in chess and they brag about it

@peeblozpuppy:  Bad words, Screaming *in the chat counts too*, Innapropriate forums, memes *etcetera*, People stepping on your feet when ur on an escolator

@Portuguese-egg-tart: People who are self-centred and don't care about anyone else. 

@ConstantPorcupine264: When you’re on a call with someone and they ask you to play chess, and you accept and then you lose on time because they keep chatting, AND THEN they say “oh I thought you’d beat me, I thought you were like really good” AND THEN I SEE CHESS.COM SAY “YOU LOST 15 POINTS”

@karunya_kopparam: alerts of chess.com I get 100+ 

@Player1234560: Pervs 🙄


This is a unique section and kinda new: ) so tell me what u see in the pictures below, pls be deep and serious about it: ) (u can PM (Private message) me the answer): )

Why is the kid in the pic crying? (JUST BE HONEST about ur answer, thx: )

@GlennJamin5000: he just lost a chess game to a lower rated player, and he knows that he will lose a lot of rating points and lose his chance of playing on his new PS5 that his mom got for him. 

@Meadow_Saffronhis whole family just died in a car crash, which led him to find out he's adopted. 

@f3_Kf2_1: His dog died.

@PeakPolarBear: he got hurt , and now he needs to lose a leg and an arm 

@Passwaor:  I think he's crying since his friend who was the same age as him wanted to play, so they played, but the game was harsh then they stumbled on each other leading them to fall (on a mat) and start crying. 

@Kakashi6102 : Maybe his parents are/were in Ukraine and now is a hard time for the little guy.

@TheEagleStriker: His family was driving on a road trip, suddenly, the car got off track and spun into another car, he ended up in the hospital with the nurses, they informed him that his brother had survived, but his parents didn't. He would do anything to have his parents back. But something bad happened, his brother was under stress and had health care problems, and left the boy, all by himself. 

@ren97ren:  he and his family were returning home and he saw McDonald, he begged his parents to go there but they declined.

@hughienews: because his shirt is inside out and it’s making him self conscious.  

@puresmallearth: He is crying because he hit his head on the ground 

@ashmig he's Crying Cuz He Sprained His Foot

@Give_It_A_Rest: Maybe he is in pain… And can’t express it…? Or maybe he got a scolding from his parents lol.

@Hydrahta: I think that after seeing this kid touch his mouth he must've just been to the dentist for his first time and he's a very scared boi

@Portuguess-egg-tart: He is crying cuz his mum didnt let him buy the teddy bear in the shops

@BeCoolAndNotAFoolYo: He is crying because ig theres a war in his country and he is scared of high sounds of bombs...

@CrazyChessDJ: He’s crying because he was assaulted by a chess bot irl and nearly lost his finger


facts (PM me a fact) : )

1.1.2023 @shruthi_sriya: a flamingo can only eat with its hear upside down

2.1.2023 @KeSetoKaiba: 10^43 is called the Shannon Number and is the estimated number of legal chess positions. This is a 1 with 43 zeroes after it! The Shannon Number was calculated by mathematician Claude Shannon

3.1.2023 @frog: crows can recognize faces and pass it down to their children 

4.1.2023 @ant: Ants can lift objects up to 5000 times their weight, and frogs can't 

5.1.2023 @Be_aware_of_this: Chess.com is now allowing ppl to have an alternative account while it was forbidden for many years 

6.1.2023 @ellerylikesdog: I am a dog :3 

7.1.2023 @fire: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell 

8.1.2023 @bananapeeleater: some turtles can breathe out of their butts :0 

9.1.2023 @squid: I like Wednesday

10.1.2023 @NotAMasterButPrettySolid1: ducklings are capable of abstract thought!  they are so good at chess.  

11.1.2023 @CocoQuail : There is a McDonalds in every continent... except Antarctica... 

12.1.2023 @GMChinaRules: 1+1=3

13.1.2023 @Peet_The_Sock_Man: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

14.1.2023 @TheEagleStriker: bananas r animals

15.1.2023 @LegionarySoldier:  Messi won WC

16.1.2023 @Hydrahta: Betelgeuse is estimated to explode into a brilliant supernova in about 100k years

17.1.2023 @Moonshade_The_Nightwing: All life is related. I learned that we all come from the same cell from 4.6 billion years ago.

18.1.2023 @Martux09: Diet Coke was only invented in 1982. 

19.1.2023 @boerzi The uni of bologna, Italy, is the oldest uni still in use today in the world

thxxx sooo much for reading <3 : )

Last update: 31.1.2023: ) (fun fact: I sometimes update my bio but forget to update the date here lolllll : )

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