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11 year old

***NOT GOING TO PLAY GAMES ON CHESS.COM*** (Except for scheduled games)


ummmmmm... idk?

Highest 3 minute rush! Puzzle Battle 41

Puzzle Battle tilt from 2150 to 1850. 😕


Hmmm maybe I should put some of my accomplishments... 

(But they'll look like nothing to you strong players I'm playing wink.png)

Age 6:           989 USCF

Age 7:           1471 USCF

Age 8:           1649 USCF

Age 9:                ... 

Age 10:          1932 USCF    1678 FIDE

Currently age 11, on my quest to master!!!

Here are the best moves from my games.

That was my "king hunt" game.

Here is the full game:
3 brilliant moves against a cheater
Look he got banned: @shylobster66

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