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#NRFN My name is Devon Tardie and I am 19 years old and a retired chess player/blogger/streamer/coach. Geoguessr is my new game. I live in one of the greatest states in one of the greatest countries ever, Florida USA. I am a Christian. The church I go to is Non Denominational. I have been playing chess since August of 2018 when my best friend @Select_Chicken taught me. It was until during quarantine that I really started improving gaining about 400 rating points in that year 2020. I finally broke the 2000 barrier a few days before my 4 year of playing chess anniversary. I also have something called Aphantasia which basically means I cannot visualize anything. It does make calculating in chess harder. My favorite sport is Basketball and I am a big Celtics fan. Jayson Tatum for MVP! For music I listen to pop, Christian Metal, and some rap. I hope you learnt some things about me. And feel free to send me friend requests or to PM me with any questions. Make sure to check out my Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/chessknight22 My Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcNUbP8-XswMBkRwL9I02g and my blog https://www.chess.com/blog/EvidentRoad 

Notable friends. Because everyone does this. It is the pog and totes bussin yo thing to do. frfr.

@Select_Chicken - My BFF and the coolest guy ever. I am so thankful for you brother. I hope God keeps us together forever and I am so glad he brought us together. Love ya bro.

@Lightning - Really cool guy and I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last year! As annoying as I am you still put up with me so thank you!

@Typewriter44 - My Geoguessr buddy and chess second. One of the coolest and nerdiest person ever. Also my dad so yeah. Thanks for the adoption.

@JoshPrice - The man whose widely known as Joshy. Dont listen to him when he says otherwise. Seriously though Josh is one of the coolest people ever. He has been a huge blessing to me and I have enjoyed all our gaming sessions and your streams. Keep up the great work! Pog coach btw

@LibertyB06 - The legend herself. El Captain. Seriously you are great thanks for putting up with someone like me. Greatest adopted daughter ever! You always keep ETG running in ship shape. Hope you can continue to impact the world and the seven seas.

@PrecisionGuessWorks - Farmer more like hall of famer am I right? Your taste in comedians is the greatest. Also I love chatting about conspiracy theories with you XD! That's the worst!