प्लैटिनम सदस्य

Please Don't send friend or game requests out of nowhere.

Anyone who invites me to their club gets an immediate block. 

If I declined your rematch, it's because I'm pretty much always in a bad mood, so sorry if I decline your rematch offer.  

Also, if you do not wish to receive notifications about my posts, I encourage you to un-follow or un-friend me to stop receiving notifications. Thanks.

Also, I will not accept random challenges, I mostly only accept challenges if you are higher rated than me. If you want to play me, I will most likely not accept. 

Not accepting new Students. Sorry. If you are looking for teaching, I suggest you get lessons from @Gertsog or another very strong chess player. club: 

Another Club: 

Some last things:

Respect the moderators, they work too hard to make the site as friendly as possible. 

Also please don't abort games unless the challenge was a genuine mistake. 


"Yo bro I beat a GM today!"

"Bro that's awesome! You're only an IM but you beat a GM!"


"Who did you beat?"


"Wait what"