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12 जुल॰ 2013
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जबसे 12 सित॰ 2013

Hi there,

my name is Davide, I am Italian but I have been living in London since 2008. I started playing chess in July 2013 at the late age of 39 (I know it is bit unusual happy.png) thanks to my dear friend Fluke23 (who has beaten me many many times both on line and on the board happy.png). I felt immediately in love with this game and I started trying to do my best to make some improvements despite of my limited time. I have made some progress since then, but there is still a looooong way to go!!! So I think I will be enjoying this game for many years to come happy.png.

Last but not least: I know chess is a "war" game, but be the "war" just on the board and be our daily life full of peace, empathy, tolerance and love.