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Hi All! Glad we share the same love for the game. I have a USCF Rating of '2006.'

I do have other interests: Bowling (I have a 200 Average), Reading, Martial Arts, and Black Powder Revolvers, and Alto Saxophone (this, I am not good at yet, but I like to think there's hope for me).

I have the B.A. Degree in History and English Literature (I double-Majored) with a Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

My Home Library has near to 700 books, almost 175 Old Films (Film Noir, Westerns, Old Horror), Select Old T.V. Shows, and Select Programs from OTR (Old Time Radio).

In Chess, I have met Anatoly Karpov (really cool GM), and have played GM Samuel Reshevsky in a Simul (I lost). My favorite players of the Past are: Anatoly Karpov, Bobby Fischer, Jose Capablanca, Emanuel Lasker, and Akiba Rubinstein.

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