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25 अप्रैल 2014
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जबसे 29 मई 2014

Now  Santa knows that you cheated! You shall be put in the "Naughty" list forever!  If you wanna learn how? Its because because I know de wae.

Size 8px is the smallest you wanna learn how? Its because I know de wae. option available but if you know HTML coding, you can make this size 1px. Try to read the blur above and no copy pasting or inspecting the element/viewing the source or zooming in (Wait, why did I tell you that?). Use only your eyes or else there will be consequences. evil.png

















































Why are you still reading this?




























































 BTW, the new update kinda killed all the funniness in my profile sad.png. Everything got messy but WHO cares? xD