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27 नव॰ 2011
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Jul 27, 2019
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I learnt to played chess when I was young and at different times earlier in life played regularly e.g. with work mates. After a long break, I was introduced to chess.com recently by my nephew and I quickly became fascinated. I find playing chess online is a nice way of relaxing, although I try not to become addicted. I enjoy chatting to the diverse worldwide chess.com family as much as I do playing. I like to make my moves regularly but I also like to think about them. I play hard because I want to win but I also play fair, respecting my opponent. I make lots of mistakes but hopefully I am learning all the time and improving as a result. I am semi-retired so have the luxury often of playing when I want but I do work in the community in all sorts of areas, especially addressing issues around diversity, poverty and social disadvantage. In the past I have been a teacher and a computer consultant. I am married with one son. I am a Christian and recognise serving my Lord must come first but I am also happy to engage with folk of different faiths or of none. While I recognise within me the tendency toward becoming a "grumpy old man", I do have a wacky sense of humour with independently derived views on and insights into a whole range of subjects - so do try me as I am normally keen to engage in respectful dialogue (normally in English although I sometimes try out other languages too).