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Rookie chess player playing for fun and to give my brain something to do! I started playing chess in 10min blitz. Soon i wanted to become better player and started to play 3d/move chess, mainly thrue team matches. I'm part of very special chess team "Deorls". Currently with just under 30 members, we still challenge some very strong teams with our outstanding fighting spirit and support from our members. We are a team with solid unity and friendship among polite, helpfull and simply awesome people! We welcome all new, active and polite members to join the battle for the title! =) I like playing chess and if i don't have too many games currently i will take on any challenge with smile on my face! Surely i have also other joys in my life than chess. Music has been a part of my life for a long time. I do listen to various genres but my passion is in progressive metal and rock. I enjoy music with virtuosity and melodic/rythmical nyanses. Bands like Dream Theater, Symphony-x, Wintersun, Pain of Salvation, Liquid Tension Experiment, Trans Atlantic have given me much eargasms. If you tolerate uptempo music, try some, or all of those bands! Deorls is now with 30 great members! ;-) Time for update: Firsth, i can't call my self a rookie chess player anymore. I have now played for about a year. And what a year it has been in chess.com! I have been very fortunate. I have made some fantastic friends, from whom i'we learned so much about chess!! (I'm happy to pass any of my limited knowledge for example via unrated games with some educational chat alongside, so feel free to challenge!). I have been part of some great teams! Deorls is the grown jewel, now with 96 awesome members! Band recommendation update: For more extreme taste, bands Turisas and Ensiferum Phew! I'm excited about the second year @chess.com. I want to pass a big fat thanks to all my wonderfull friends and team mates! And i am very, very sorry that i can't do line breaks.. Ugh.
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