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20 फ़र॰ 2018
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I'm 52 years old Iranian man who were studying in USA and after finishing I came back to my country,I forgot to tell about my course that is " public relations" and I have three children 2 daughters and one boy that as I married when was 20 years old ?they are  educated and are living with their mom and I'm living alone?it must be told we recorded for insisting my ex-wife wife because she wanted to be with one of the my old friend?! I'm looking for finding a loyal woman for wedding or friendship as she would like,I have been playing chess when I was 10 and I could win some cups during my studying in high school , but next after marriage I was busy and so forced to quite playing till 2years ago that really helped me to become calm and relaxed!?and now I decide to play and attend in various turnoments.with many respects to you all.Mohammad.

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