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11 जन॰ 2008
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I have been playing Chess since I taught myself at age 6 or so, and still love it many years later.  If you think your as good as your going to get, your probably right, but if you refuse to believe that, if you believe that you can still learn and grow in this marvelous non-preprogrammed entertainment, game, then your probably right too.  

I play to learn and grow and enjoy the companionship of like minded though tough competitors.  Getting beat, and beat badly, making mistakes and losing are all part of this game, no one is beyond it.  But... the ability to do it less does come with the effort to learn and with that comes great satisfaction which though this is only a game, I greatly enjoy.  And, winning a tough, nearly lost game against a great player, well there is nothing like that is there? No words to describe it adequately really.

Most importantly, is my faith in my salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some of you will take offense just at His Name, I don't care, my love for Him and for you for that matter transcends your feelings and my own feelings.  He is bigger than Chess, He gave it to us though.  The devil uses it to distract us (which is all that he is capable of, lying that is) from the REAL DEAL.  What is that, the REAL DEAL?  It is simply life, abundant and eternal in God the Father through FAITH in His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, which if you don't know, it was/is His idea and plan, not ours.

So, having said this, know two things about me with this game.

I will not preach to you, about anything. What you have read is who I am, you wanted to know or you  would not be here reading it now.

I seek to improve my game as I stated above, and I enjoy that tremendously,

Old friends:

To those of you who have known me for sometime realize that I withdrew from this website and consequently from your friendships.  In March of 2015 I was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor.  It was slow growing, many years, and noncancerous, but it took a lot from me.  I was extremely frustrated with my play when I withdrew from Chess altogether in the fall of 2011 after having reached a Daily Stat of over 1900 and fell to 1600, not understanding why I was continuing to decline in my ability to play, even daily chess, much less OTB.  The tumor and surgery for it has taken much from me.  I remembered  my love for Chess, and why I gave it up...  So, I am back on this great website, as time goes on I may try to contact some of you.  My personal goals are as I stated above.  My faith in my Lord Jesus Christ has only grown in this, and for that I rejoice in my trials, daily, in life and Chess which is a part of my life that He has given to us who love it.  My prayer is that any who read this come to Him.



Acts 4:12

The Most Anointed Song


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