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  1. I'm 16.
  2. I study in Halstrom Academy
  3. I loooove Literature and History. Math? Mneh.
  4. I am a video editor as well as a video maker. Check out my channel at LEGO.CR8tions
  5. I love LEGO and my Instagram account is dedicated to LEGO of varying themes. Join my club at @lego-lekkers and follow me on Instagram. My Instagram handle: @legocr8tions
  6. I am also a poet and aspiring novelist. I intend to collaborate on free partnership terms with singers to turn my poems into songs. PM me if you are a singer.
  7. If you love lengthy profiles, visit LegendarySpartan's_profile. This is just a summary with some new stuff.
  8. My Instagram engagement rate is 6.22%, around 4% higher than average.
  9. I am a multilinguist.
  10. Feel free to look at my story: Near Betrayal, Reign of Elements. Link: Near Betrayal, Part 1 of Reign of Elements
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