I suddenly realised that I hadn't updated this section in two years and it has become horribly out of date. No longer am I at college, now I am studying maths at St Catz College Oxford. I love mathematical things and cats. Also I dress as a goth. I was junior captian of the WJCA (Worcester junior chess academy) for two years and then I became the Vice President of the club. I have been playing chess 6 years approx. I've won several tournaments including the Worcester Open Minor tournament, the Swindon Intermidiate and the British Land Chess challenge qualifier for 4 years in a row at my school. I was presented with a trophy for Worcestershire Junior County player of the year 2006 and 2007. I must confess a love for the Fianchetto and will try to incorperate it into openings. I attack, but not to the expense of a good defence; rarely sacrificing pieces more than pawns.

Over the last year I have played little OTB chess and I have cut back on my internet games. I simply don't have time for it at the moment.