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I will not accept your friend request unless you tell me why in messages or notes. I am also trying to keep my friends, at maximum, up to 70, so there are quite a few open spots right now 

My personality type is debater. Prepare to be countered. My chess personality type is Prodigy. Prepare to win. My action is 'Curse of the Potato' @Potato50012.

(I suck at chess, mostly bullet cause I can't handle time pressure) Hi! I am 12, I keep my name and gender to myself, and I like chess, and I have been playing chess for around a year. I love cats, art (I make a lot of fanart) (learning to draw anime), music (I play piano and cello), and I do not play video games (but I know a lot about them). I speak Mandarin and English. I am most commonly on during Saturday and Sunday! I am not so good at chess, so please do not go that hard on me! THANK YOU TO @blackfirestorm AND @Depic FOR THE MEMBERSHIPS. I WON'T FORGET! :3

My friends are

@chess_backstaber My little brother. Can be really immature at times

@Depic -Nice guy. Awesome admin and gave me a gold membership 

@Tiger7619 -Awesome guy. Shy, but has the heart of a Lion (or Taiga)

I have more friends, but not as notable.

My username is UnknownMeower. When friending me, you will be asked why you chose to friend me. Simply an answer such as a club, friend, or real-life is fine. Feel free to challenge me to games, unrated. I prefer non-daily games, but if I don't accept your request, I'm busy! I also don't like to talk dirty, but here are a few people you should block, @Whisper2016, @WeakLava, @Sammy8970 (She's okay but blocked me for telling her to stop sending me invites) 

Now, if you want to know me better, here you go. My favorite song is going to be the Bossfight - Pirate Manners, My favorite book is Chomp, My favorite colour is neon green, My hobbies include trying to make compositions for piano, reading, making stuff (such as fanart), chess, eating/cooking, and some more stuff, My favorite food (I have a ton) is probably beef patty or fried chicken, My drawing style is really just cartooning (but I'm currently learning to draw anime), My favorite subject is Art, My favorite animal is the cat, My favorite game is, My favorite series and authors are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Wings Of Fire, Carl Hiaasen, and Gordon Korman, my favorite sports are badminton, skiing, or dodge ball (is that a sport?) If there is anything else you wanna know about me, send me a message or ask in the notes. Also, if your club is active and I'm an admin in that club, I try my best to help and keep the club alive, as you can see my posts XD. My quote, I'm a slow walker, but I don't walk back. I don't really know anything about myself other than that. >:3

Have a nice day!

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