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Hello, I'm Pineapples, I used to be Cool_Pika_Han, but I changed my name. I'm an intermediate at chess. Here are 10 things I know:

1. You must like me because you are reading my profile.

2. You wonder where I got my name from.

3. You are alert for me skipping count.

5. You noticed I skipped 4.

6. If you didn't, you are weird.

7. I'm weird. 

8. there are 3 more left because I skipped one.

9. I have an average of 65 notifications. 

10. I have more after this.

12. We're done! wink.png



Math challenge (That I failed on)

tell this to your friend, say it fast:

"You have 30 seconds to solve this:

I like to run, jog, and swim.

I ran for 30 minutes,

jogged for 15 minutes,

took a break for 5 minutes,

swam for 45 minutes,

jogged for 20 minutes,

ran for 40 minutes,

took a break for 5 minutes,

swam for 120 minutes, 

and ran for 25 minutes.

How long did I exercise?

answer: 305 minutes or 5 hours 5 minutes.

How did I draw? lol