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12 जून 2018
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स्वर्णिम सदस्य

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my homepage. I'm Miles Morales  from the movie Spiderman: Spiderverse and I'm a great fan of Spiderman and all his movies. I have a club of my own (I'll leave a link below). I like playing Four-Player-Chess and i usually do the Puzzle Rush. I also join many tournaments in this site. I really like and I'm a great fan of it. 

I'm also part of The Coffee Bean Cafe. It is an amazing club for all the members who like coffee 😉. I will leave a link below to join this incredible club.

Thank you for checking my profile and don't forget to send me a friend request.


Links to the clubs:

The Spiderman Club -

The Coffee Bean Cafe -