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19 जन॰ 2019
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Hello! I’m Nathan! I am ok at chess I guess. Feel free to challenge me to a game when I’m online. I like blitz, usually 5|0, but i’ll do bullet and rapid sometimes too. I suck at daily but I will 100% accept any daily challenges, where unlike rapid and bullet (which, again, I only do SOMETIMES) Um, here is an “about me” thing. 

ALSO: Huge thanks to @Asmo2k, @KevinBorg, and @jdcannon for the memberships!

Media Info: @NathanMa17

ChessKid: @JadeWeirdPumpkin

Fortnite: NathanMa17

Roblox: FlameWolfTheSecond

NitroType: NathanMa17


Age: 12

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Number: 17

Favorite video game: Minecraft/Fortnite

Favorite song: I’m Glad You Came by The Wanted

Favorite superhero: Iron Man

Favorite gaming console: Xbox One

Favorite City: Indianapolis*, London, or New York City

Adopted: @Komodo1


Hall of Fame:

@MainframeSupertasker - the nicest person I’ve ever met! If you get the chance, shower him with trophies. He deserves it!

@KevinBorg - also really nice, gave me a membership. He currently hates me right now because I called one of his friends a jerk, but he’s still a really nice guy. Also, I f you get a chance, please tell him to respond to me. He ignores me now, even though we used to get along so well.

@potato08 - really nice kid, but be warned: she goes crazy over potatoes.

Cool clubs:

My club —> Neo Atlantis

क्लब (84)‎
Neo-Atlantis 82 सदस्य
Animals International
Animals International 113 सदस्य
Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale 162 सदस्य
The Super Fun Club
The Super Fun Club 1,094 सदस्य
Gamer Central
Gamer Central 21 सदस्य