डायमंड सदस्य

At least play a good game with me or talk to me in clubs before sending me friend requests.

The owner of club 'ASIA'. Contact me if you want to be partner with us. Partnered clubs will be regularly challenged so that we can practice together. Only Asian clubs will be made partner, so update the location of your club.

If you are a Bengalee, join 'Roshogolla Daba Songho'. Currently there is no other active community for Bengalees here. So let us Bengalees unite in one club.

NT Test
NT Test 1 सदस्य
Asia 6,970 सदस्य
Dhaka Chess Club
Dhaka Chess Club 55 सदस्य
Team Bengal Warriors
Team Bengal Warriors 48 सदस्य
Roshogolla Daba Songho
Roshogolla Daba Songho 15 सदस्य