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17 things

1. I play chess

2. Please scroll for more details 

3. follow #1

4. follow #2

5. follow #3

6. never mind that's it

7. never mind there's more

8. Join this club

9. follow 13

10. NOW we're DONE

11. Do not listen to 10

12. Yay there is a number 12

13. Join this too

14. Please sing the songs on the bottom or you can read them

15. follow 14 and 13 actually though if you need to ONLY FOLLOW 14 AND 13

Dashing through the snow with a pair of broken skies, over the hills we go crashing into trees, the snow is turning red I think I'm almost dead, I wake up in a hospital with stitches on my head.

Its raining acid from out of the sky acid no need to ask why just cover your head and run for your life its raining acid.

Twinkle twinkle little star

I want to hit you with a car

throw you off a tree so high

hope you break your neck and die


16. Follow 20

17. Yes we don't know what #20 is going to be

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