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21 जन॰ 2014
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Birthday - March 15 -
I am a painter, and a graphic designer. My hobby is music, I play record flute and arranger keyboard Yamaha psr e443;. I like literature, arts and chess

.To meet friends is necessary to go through success and misfortune. In success, we check the quantity and, in misfortune, the quality.


Loyalty Sonnet
Vinicius de Moraes

Of all, to my love I will be attentive
Before, and with such zeal, and always, and so much
That even in the face of the greatest charm
Of him is enchanted more my thought

I want to live it in every single moment
And in your praise I will spread my song
And laugh my laughter and spill my tears
Your grief or your contentment

And so when you come to me later
Maybe death, anguish of those who live
Maybe loneliness, end of those who love

Can I tell myself about the love I had:
That is not immortal, since it is flame
But let it be infinite while it lasts

Chess, like love, like music, has the gift of making people happy. ”Siegbert Tarrasch

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E agora aqui está o meu segredo, um segredo muito simples: é assim com o coração que você pode ver corretamente; O essencial é invisível aos olhos. "..." É um ato muitas vezes esquecido ", disse uma raposa." Significa criar vínculos. "

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