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Work as a Teacher-aid @ a Special-school...I am also: Soccer- Player, -Coach, -Manager, Referee... Always in for a game of sport (basketball, volleyball etc.) Also did some running 6km or 8km, like to do some more. Chess is more next to it, not a clubmember or so, like to play it in the lost minutes, also checkers, stratego... So, I did play chess a long time ago, in my study-time, so +/- 30Years ago. Since then, a long time no chess, more other sports like Soccer, and all kinds of sports, even fast-running! Now I have discovered Chess.Com, so I have someone to play with... My first Game of Chess must be somewhere in 1962 as I was playing against a Polish boy (lost his name), at that time I was living in a convent (Boysschool), runned by monks! Just Started my own team "Paul's Team" , were we won our first Team-match, and busy with our first vote-chess... if you are a starter join our group, as we do first some easy games, we help you out!      Go to:  http://www.chess.com/groups/home/pauls-team                   

Now I am Vice Club-captain of the Papatoetoe-Chess-Club, we have not a website yet  but our club is situated in Papatoetoe (South Auckland), New members welcome!

Now we have a website, Thanks to Alex!  Go to:        http://www.papatoetoechessclub.co.nz

This is working perfect, and see all the club-ressults!  We are the friendliest club in South-Auckland, We play on Wednesday , Juniors 17.00- 19.00 hrs. Seniors from 19.00 hrs. - finish +/- 22.30 hrs. Local time ! Just visit us and play (We fit you in) ...it is the first night free! About 9 pm. we have a coffee- or tea-break! 

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