Hello! Welcome to my profile! If you want to learn more about me as a chess player, then continue reading!

Fact File:

Favourite Opening: Italian Game, Giuco Piano, Center Attack, Italian Game, Giuoco Pianissimo.

Goals: Rapid (2200) Blitz (2000) Daily (1800)

Playing Style: I enjoy playing aggressive gambits and having a large initiative. I also enjoy playing closed structures and positional games. However, one of my biggest weaknesses is I am too fast, and I often miss tactics which I could've found if I thought for longer.

Check out my games against titled players here!

SAMAY RAINA - Official
SAMAY RAINA - Official 63,436 सदस्य
3 CHECK FUN 4,906 सदस्य
Teen Titans
Teen Titans 126 सदस्य
Place for Patzers
Place for Patzers 188 सदस्य