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A Bit About Me

Hi there, I'm Chris from Lebanon. I work in Graphic Design, Exhibition/Museum Design and Curating, and my current passion is sound design and music production. In my spare time, I learn and play chess.


Twitch Stream

I occasionally do tactics streams on, where we solve chess tactics rated 1700-2500, so if you would like to join in solving, do follow:


Live Challenges

I'm always open for live challenges and prefer 3min blitz or 1min bullet without increment. 3min 960 is my favorite variant, so if you'd like to boggle your mind with some interesting tactical positions, a 960 challenge is welcome.


Daily Challenges

I'm sorry to those whose challenges I have not accepted, but I do not play daily games!


Join the Club

It's a young club but I have big hopes for it happy.png Feel free to follow:



I've recently started mining cryptocurrency online. Though admittedly it's tough to make big bucks, it can make a decent sum if you leave it on and forget it. This is where I do my mining: Honeyminer