प्लैटिनम सदस्य

My name is Ruban Sai I'm an 11-year-old Chess Player. My USCF rating is very "underrated." it is only 1320 because I have only played like 3 USCF OTB tournaments. My NWRS rating is 1718. My goals for 2023 are 1800 USCF 1600 FIDE and finally on 2300 for all my ratings. Other than Chess I sing opera (I AM A BOY), play the piano, sing Carnatic, and swim.  I know that's a lot considering that I practice all of those in one day. I love chess and I will continue to play it! I'm also maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average at school. (4.0 = 100%) That means that all my grades are A's basically.