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29 नव॰ 2014
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जबसे 22 अप्रैल 2015


Challenge me, you’ll lose If you are U2200(unless you play me a gazillion times)

Go check out @HorribleTomato and @HitThePin after you have read all my blogs.

I played the king of RAR in OTB chess and almost drew, so you know I’m good.

I have a +63 score vs @KyanBui, nearly all of it being bullet.

GMs beaten: @ficorrales @ChessWeebs(twice), @Last7Samurai, @B-Man, @Bubi6, @uandersson2000,@Krasimir_Rusev(SIX TIMES!),

@akshayraj_kore(another twice), @gmbenjaminfinegold, @Incognito_Knight, and @Mikhail_Golubev(also twice)

Adopted: @HitThepin, @Waredude, @Luisen_17@Komodo5, @jaredjm, @edr0nt, @Destroyer942, @K-O-24-B-E, @Horcrux-hunter, @AlbamChess, @youhadyourchance, @Brudo_The_Chess_King, @ShaoniHiya(1 min) @NubbyChessKing(after I beat him in 5 games he said he gives up and I could say I adopted him), @TheGrandChessKnight @aa-ron1235, @Komodo10, @Fabstinkx, @VicountVonJames, @MightyWarrior24, @Komodo1, @Kraunak60, and @BoraBoy

Adopted creeper: @antisunechess

Super adopted(25 games in a row): @Aussie-Aussie-Aussie

Adopted twice: @1_d41-0, @jegm1, and @checkmatemark04

Adopted+1(11 games in a row): @GoPikachu

Avoided adoption from: @blitzingbullet007 and @DanielNaroditsky

Chickens: @JamesAgadir(slept after 9 wins), @StealthNight(literally runs after ONE GAME EVERY TIME),

@whynotbemad(ran after 8 wins), 

and @Supreme3(Ran after six wins)

Nearly adopted: @Thegreatauk, @SamuelIFowler, @Rwn1chess, @Typewriter44(“ran” from his 1 win streak), @IcyAvaleigh, @dsbodhane, @AttackChessKid, @camburgy, @cyboo, @NobleElevator, @SiberianTerminator7, @KyanBui and @Middlegamerumesh