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I am 16 and started playing chess last year. I've got a very poor internet connection and therefore apologize to all those who blame me for disconnecting in the game. Trust me I hate to abandon a game too. Edit: Now I've got improved internet connection so guys you won't be troubled anymore.

I've enjoyed this site a lot and indeed love to play chess(especially against those who are higher rated than me).

I've even taken the personality test at

— Your Chess Personality —

Geniuses seem to decide their moves by pure divination. With little or no calculation, they decide where to put their pieces and then simply put them there. The Genius just feels the pulse of the position. His combinations are usually short, simple, but transform the game in a deadly way. The Genius doesn't seek complications and thus draws quite a few games, but rarely loses. Sometimes he seems to get bored of chess, but this is actually an illusion - he cares about it more than anything.

Jose Raul Capablanca is a Genius

Jose Raul CapablancaJose Raul Capablanca (1888-1942) of Cuba, the third world champions, was a prototypical Genius. Preferring solid, positional play and excelling in endgames, Capablanca had a simple, clear style and chose his moves largely by intuition. Capablanca was so hard to beat that he only lost 34 serious games as an adult and was undefeated from 1916 until 1924. Genius!

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But I am surely not worth comparing with The Capablanca😜😜😜😜😜.

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