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14 जन॰ 2013
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Hi everyone!

My name is Simon. I'm a proper hockey-loving Canadian chess player.

Otherwise, I'm Events and Streamer Manager for I take care of most of our competitions and events. I mostly handle communications with all the different contributors and partners we have. I'm also involved with various tasks related to the content you see and enjoy on the site.

I feel really lucky to be working for such a great company. It was a dream come true when Erik (CEO Erik!) called me for an interview. I thought it was a prank at first! A week later, I was on the team, meeting with everyone who makes this site so amazing.

I'm one of the few employees that members will interact with and I feel responsible for representing everyone who works here, and their hard work, when I talk to members, partners, contributors or anyone else really.

Glad to be on the team and looking forward to helping become even better! 

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