डायमंड सदस्य
Hello Everyone,
My name is Nomikos spanos and i started chess at age 6,
 Without any real competition in my native Greek island i decided to stop chess at age 8-18.
With my university studies i was able to travel abroad for them(Perugia Italy) where i had some competition so i restarted chess.
I have played many Grandmasters International Masters Fide Masters since.
I came to realise that with 10 years of no practice i could not face theory openings as well as my opponents and therefore i created my own style through antitheory chess openings that have been succesfull in my chess career.
I am the inventor of the 3 B4 Alehine line which i am proud of as it leads to a great game for white.
In my life i have played 17 out of the worlds top 50 in friendly games, with most notable my draw vs Caruana .
As for online, i recently discovered Twitch and i am currently a mod at
See you there for some chat!
Thank you for reading and i hope we can have some good games.
If u further scroll down you can see some of the games i chose as best 















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