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there are a few reason you could be visiting my profile

1. I flagged or beat you

2. you flagged or beat me

3. I commented on a forum or whatever and you landed here

4. you got baited by my status

5. you're a stalker

6. you got tricked by my advertising 

7. im in your club

8. you want to leave me a note

9. you want to send me a friend request

leave me a note down in my profile if you see this surprise.png

squid x banana

pls stop sending me challenges if you do pls make it unrated

send me a cookie ill send one back happy.png

best bullet win: @leejunhyeok

funny game

best blitz win: 

lesgo first gm win happy.png

best rapid game: 

adopted: @greypenguinz @uraveragenorthkorean like 30 times @zi_yang @chesspro8686

My titled player wins:

@hugooakland 2400 gm in blitz!!















@danielaus - 4-0





















@fpawn - 4-0 lol ez







@JACK_BAU3R 5-2 can I get adoption?


























squid club
squid club 24 सदस्य
Advance My Chess
Advance My Chess 143 सदस्य
Banana World
Banana World 634 सदस्य
Lightning's Bolts
Lightning's Bolts 559 सदस्य
The Club Of Friendship
The Club Of Friendship 559 सदस्य