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18 मई 2019
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hello My name is suflei(not my actual name duh) my interests are music (i play the bass) art (my preferred style of art is “Chinese ink painting) and chess (which I kinda suck at lol) I am always open to challenges just send me a daily match request and I’ll gladly accept it! 😄 (put your name down in the notes section like this @suflei and I’ll give you 10 trophies! I’ll deliver your trophies ASAP, and if I’m in a good mood you may find yourself getting more than 10 trophies!)


Some more stuff about myself:

1. 16 personalities considers me an entrepreneur 

2. I LOVE legos 

3. My most favorite animals are lynxes, wolves, snow leopards, any type of bird, and bengal tigers.

4. My chess personality is a “mastermind”

5. I am currently a admin in the club The Golden 64 Squares go join them!

One of my most favorite clubs that I’ve ever been to is TG64S I really recommend you join this club because we are only a few members away from getting 1000 members. Once we get 1000 members we are going to have a tournament with MEMBERSHIP PRIZES so please join!

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