been so inactive here sorryyyyy just been busy: (

Welcome to my bio that i keep editing but forget to say when ive edited so it looks like ive done this all at once which i havent


I've seen some other players have these and i thought they were pretty cool, so here's mine. 

So i'm a girl.

I like chess a lot, but am very bad at it, I can maybe beat a new to chess, but most people higher than that, I will lose. I have done one "perfect" game though, no blunders, mistakes or missed wins. Anyway, if you have any tips, then i'd appreciate it a lot. 

If you want to send me a friend request sure, i accept all, but like bruh. I DO NOT join any clubs advertised in messages UNLESS you ask me personally OR I know you a bit before

I have a club on chess.com, its not very active, but if you want to join then i'd appreciate it. (It's called Join The Club. 

I have some great friends on chess.com, so here they are:

Paleo_Liam_577:  I have loved going on this chess journey with you! It's been so much fun! Thank you so much for everything, youre the best!! Thank you so much for letting me be co-partner of your club!! My whole existence on chess.com is because of you, so thank you.

Isabet14:  Ahhhhhh Bella!!!!! Carry on learning chess!! Thank you so much for being my one of my very very best friends!! You are so unreplaceable! Thank you for being me with the good and the bad. 

i know both these ppl irl 

JaredALewis7: You have been one of the top two besties that I've made here on chess.com, its been soooo great to chat with you, and your so kind too!! Thank you so much! Ever since we first met we just kept talking. Sorry about mu obsession with The greatest showman!

MidnightxChess: YyYYYoOoOuUUuU aAaaRrRReEee sSSsSOooOoo cCccCOoOOoOoOlLlLl!!!!!! Thank you for being the other bestie on chess.com! You're amazing! Its been a lot of fun! Its was so cool making story's together, and then drawing our charcters after! 

you guys are amazing 

good friends here:

CocoQuail super amazing person wo is rly awesome pls join her club

Hunter_blaze_blue also an awesome person! 

To everyone on the Team_Home_Players_575 club, you guys are so amazing, thank you for the awesome tournaments!

And to the SA HomeEd  Chess Club, I have enjoyed playing with you guys so much, and can't wait to play again with you, Wednesdays are awesome! Thank you all for playing with me, you all are so talented, and I have enjoyed winning/losing against you all. 

MattewCorp, eh im not very active on you but i like you guys all the same (most of you guys are slightly crazy)

Shining Smiles, you guys are really sweet and very very active: ) (you guys are also a bit crazy...okay more than a bit)

The Bananas, wow.

Revolutions, eee! Im looking forward to it.

MushroomRights...join. Please. But only if you respect mushrooms

some special mentions:

@DIMA-48, @Mattew, @CocoQuail, @hunter_blaze_blue, @Baby_Fox13 and @BananaPeelEater.

I have many more friends and clubs on chess.com, so thank you everyone!

I am a proud member of MUSHROOM RIGHTS and if you'd like to be one too PLEASE dm me. Only rule is that you have to respect Mushrooms.

I love chess puzzles and my goal is 1500, who knows when i'll get there.

I also like playing against bots, but not very good at those.....so ya any tips? 

I say ya a lot, its a way of saying yeah in south africa.

just had to put that in

this is the revolution club banner (got the name wrong)

so what else is there to know abt me?

well tbh i dont rly want anyone to know much about me

maybe if i trust you

umm what else can i put in?

ahh yes quotes 

Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.— Paul Terry

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.— Douglas Adams

So many books, so little time.— Frank Zappa

i lovee reading, have since i was rly little, but don't get to read most popular books (no money for books:') 

Uhm ya

Btw I drew this: 

Um yea, not amazing, but I like it

U still want info on my life....?

Oki um 

Idk I'll do something soon

ahh oki got it

idk if any of you have been to south africa before, but where i live, its pretty awesome. 

na youre not gonna get exact location, just that i live on a farm near the sea;P 

some late afternoons, like right now actually (6.1.2023 18:21) its just beautiful...it was raining earlier today, so everything is fresh right now. Chilly, but nice. The susnset hasnt happened yet, but its on its way. Yo idk how good that description was i kinda suuuck at that kind of stuff


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