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5 अग॰ 2016
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Please call me Totoo,

I'm Persian, living in China since December 2006.

Love to play chess so much I can play all day and all night long, sometimes blunder and sometimes just goof up, but try to enjoy the game, no matter whether win or lose.

Feel free to add me as a friend and challenge me whenever you wish.

By the way:

What does it say about you if you have very few or nobody on your friends' list!


What else?

Oh, if you look at my game history, you'll find that

it usually takes two or three queens to bring down my King wink.png 

Which is super cool!

you can find me online as: totoosart ->, instagram, facebook, twitter, . . . 

but i do not post much and

i try to spend most of my online time here at

It's great to spend time thinking

Have a happy.png happy.png happy.png time



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Thank you very much for your kind time happy.png