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15 मार्च 2018
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Hi everyone! Some thing I like to do are:

- computer programming/ drawing and animations with processingj.s, Python, and html/CSS.

-Recommended language: TI-BASIC Easy to use, and you can program with it on graphing calculators.

-play chess (current rating: 1301) I'm not very good, but it's fun to play. Favorite openings are Scandinavian Modern gambits, Vienna gambits, Smith Morra gambit, Albin Countergambit. Ones I used to play are the Ponziani traps, Danish gambit, other very fun traps.

-learn Spanish and Navajo

-I love animals.

-I like to read and write.

-learn and play band instruments. My favorite instrument to play is the Euphonium, followed by the Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, and Clarinet.