Chess Dream Team
YOU are welcome to join Chess Dream Team, an active, powerful and exemplary club, constantly increased and reinforced by selected and fair players from all corners the world, with a rating average about 1880!
Among them many titled players, ie GM, IM, FM, CM and NM ! 
1- We are the TMCL Champions for 2018 and 2019 in the both periods we are participating at this top event and unbeaten in all team matches here!
2- We are also the TMCL960 Champions for 2018 and 2019 in the both periods we are participating at this great event  and unbeaten in all team matches as well!
3- We take part for 1st time in the 1World League and there are very good prospects of being the Champions, also unbeaten, in all the categories we are participating at this great event!
4- We are the winners for 2017, 2018 and 2019, also unbeaten, in PCA (Professional Chess Association) in the 3 periods we are participating in this worthwhile event!
5- We are playing a leading role in ALL the other events we are participating in!
6-  We are participating for 1st time in 1World League 2020 960 Vote Chess!
It should be noted we have an active Vote Chess team and everyone has the ability to actively participate in the games commentary, into a delightful environment and a constructive dialogue is often carried out!
If you want it yourself, you could play in any type team's match you like,  ie Standard, 960 and Vote Chess!
Are you looking for the ideal place on to spend pleasantly and  constructively  your free time, into an environment friendly and  hospitable?
 If so, you have certainly come the right place! happy.png   
 It would be an honor and pleasure for us YOU become the next friend, who   will join the amazing Chess Dream Team!
 Look forward to seeing your excellent move! wink.png
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