4. srp 2019.
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Welcome to my profile

My name is Binh Minh or you can call me: Hakim. Maybe it is a strange name, but it's ok!

I'm 11 and I am going to 12 in December 24th

I'm in class 6B at Pedagogical Practice - Vinh University School

My school is really big.It have 4 stadium (Man-made)happy.png

I like playing chess very much.Wanna play a game ?

My friend playing in is @Tran_Le_Minh. He is really good at chess

My best friend in is @Superelevator. He is 10 years old. He love Detective pikachu very much. But I like Gengar, especially Mega Gengar.I am his best friend in don't see each other's face, but in and his word said that!

And the last, Happy International 27/2 Pokemon Day!

It is great if you update me to premium, because it will improve my chess skill

I sometime write the blog, so please read my blog

Thanks to @maicovua, the girl who are friendly, kind and give me the hint to famous like today!.She help me join the club,how to be friend and make me more active

Thanks to @rockypanda,@namdovan: Thanks for play chess with me during Summer 2019.

Thanks to @Superelevator,my best friend:You make me better. Thanks for the friendship of us.You appear when I happy or sad

And the last, thanks to everyone join still my close friend because we are a big family!

Thanks everyone to read my profile.Thanks very much .Bye!